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For Gerald, there is no artistic responsibility higher than enhancing the indigenous Igbo music which are within his experience. He seeks to achieve this by continuously engaging and dialoguing with the modern Nigerian and world society through ingenious adaptations of indigenous music. This unique approach, as artfully crafted by Gerald, both sustains the essence of indigenous Igbo music and also fits into the modern society where it stays not only as a cultural symbol but also as a gestalt, integrating the purposes of edification, education, admonishment and entertainment.

Gerald has featured in several performances within and outside Nigeria: Reception for the Canadian Governor-general (Lagos, 2018); Felabration (Lagos, 2016); Asian-African cultural festival (Beijing, 2016), to mention a few. He has performed at notable concert venues and theatres in Nigeria namely, Freedom Park; Polly’s Studio; Jazzhole; Bogobiri and the Muson Center where he collaborates with other creative musicians towards the modern development of the Oja as well as the musicianship of the Ogbu-oja. In a sense, following his trajectory, he can be best regarded as the Global Ogbu-oja.

Gerald’s performing troupe, Ichoku Ensemble, has organized various performances in Awka to contribute uniquely to the art life in the Anambra State Capital. He also led Ichoku Ensemble to the reception held for the Canadian Governor General, Rt. Hon. Julie Payette where, true to his name, he thrilled the audience with his peculiar and delightful style and expression of music. Gerald’s Ichoku Ensemble has warmed its way into the heart of the Awka society while entertaining the people in a concert series dubbed Egwu Onwa, which holds once every year.